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  • Hillsong Conference 2022

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    In Luke 4, Jesus quotes the prophet Isaiah when He PROCLAIMS THE YEAR OF THE LORD’S FAVOUR — an era of freedom, forgiveness, and new beginnings. We are alive on this earth at a tumultuous time, and yet the reality is the favour of God generously abounds for all humanity. Hillsong Conference began...

  • Worship & Creative Conference 2021

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    Welcome to the WCC 2021 sessions digital download!

    Whether you're after masterclasses or the keynote messages, we've got it all right here. Stories and practical sessions that are both equipping and empowering to upskill you across different creative disciplines. Hear from Rich & Cass Langton, ...

  • Hillsong Conference 2019

    28 videos  |   Buy $70

    Hillsong Conference 2019 is all about championing the cause of THE Church of Jesus Christ — across every nation, denomination, age and background. It is for people who are passionate about the local church and the call of the Kingdom of God. This conference gathers the greater church, inspires fr...

  • Worship & Creative Conference 2019

    5 videos  |   Buy $70

    Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference is a special gathering of creatives, dreamers and doers who are passionate about the call of God on their lives. We gather to explore our calling, create with beauty and respond in worship to fulfil Jesus’ Great Commission. There is something for everyone ...

  • Worship & Creative Conference 2017

    For all disciplines of creativity, from Production to Stage Design, artists and dancers, actors, film makers, storytellers, songwriters, worship leaders, vocalists, camera operators, sound engineers, communications and marketing teams, music managers and all dreamers and doers.


    Gathering all artisans to EXPLORE our calling, RESPOND in worship & CREATE with beauty, to fulfil Jesus’ great commission.

    The Ascent…. is an invitation to climb. It’s an invitation to proximity. It’s an invitation to intimacy. In 2018, we are committed to pursuit, to passion and to purpose. W...


    A collection of messages from Hillsong Conference 2018 from the Sydney Olympic Showgrounds. Includes main rally sessions as well as selected masterclass sessions.